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Village of Newark continues on its revitalizing efforts, winning another $336K through Main Street grant program

Another day, another grant award for the village of Newark.

It’s become something of a trend- to see the village of Newark receive various grants to make the community better. It’s been happening for years, and Mayor Jonathan Taylor credits the team around him- and broad community support for those successes.

Most recently, the Village received $336,834 as part of the 2020 New York Main Street Program funding round.

It’s a program made possible by the Housing Trust Fund Corporation and the Office of Community Renewal to assist communities with Main Street and downtown revitalization efforts by providing funds to stimulate reinvestment in mixed use, main street buildings.

This award will be used to renovate facades, install energy efficient appliances, upgrade facilities in Central Park, and provide code compliant features, officials say.

“Receiving this grant helps the Village continue to move forward with downtown revitalization,” said Jonathan Taylor. The Village has not won the Downtown Revitalization Initiative- worth $10 million- but has consistently put forward plans and finished as finalists. They also have not let that slow them down on the revitalization front. “I am excited to see the results and grateful to the building owners who are willing to invest their own money to receive part of this grant,” Taylor added.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman Brian Mantkelow and Senator Pam Helming both shared their own excitement about the award.

“This is a great way to harness and enhance the dee-seated history of the village of Newark,” Manktelow said. “With this funding the village will be able to better reflect the vibrancy and livelihood of our historic region, from the Erie Canal to the Main Street shops and businesses. It’s great to see state funds flowing back into our community.”

Helming echoed that sentiment. “This grant funding will help the Village of Newark build on its efforts to revitalize downtown. Great progress has been made over the past several years and this important investment will help build on the hard work of local businesses and the Village of Newark,” she said. “Downtowns are the heart of our community and a source of pride for all of us. Thank you to Mayor Taylor and the Village Board for your leadership in making this project a reality.”

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

A portion of downtown Newark. Provided by the Village of Newark.