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Here’s how you can support the Mynderse Academy Class of 2021

If we can rewind to last year as area high schools wound down their academic year, we remember the many programs or initiatives that highlighted the outgoing senior classes who would graduate under less than ideal circumstances. In Seneca Falls, Mynderse Academy seniors were spotlighted with banners throughout downtown thanks to money raised from the community. This year’s senior class is in a similar situation, perhaps worse, as they have had to endure the pandemic during the end of the junior year as well as their entire senior year.

Below is a plea from parents of the Mynderse Class of 2021 and information on how you can contribute:

Much like last year, the Mynderse Academy Class of 2021 finds themselves with a Senior year they never envisioned. Unlike like the Class of 2020 however, who were able to have almost six months of a normal Senior year, the Class of 2021 has had to make sacrifices and concessions from the very beginning. No Homecoming. Shortened or cancelled sports seasons. No chorus, band or Musical. No clubs or extracurricular activities. Many students are remote learning so they aren’t even able to see their classmates every day. Think back to your Senior year. Think back to the freedom you felt and the memories you made. Let’s come together as a community to celebrate and acknowledge these extraordinary and resilient kids! Please consider donating to the Mynderse Academy Class of 2021 so we can help give them the Senior year they deserve!