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Cayuga County calls on towns, villages to help build vaccine waiting list

This week expanded criteria went into effect for COVID-19 vaccine sign-ups. Those with underlying conditions were allowed to begin registering for it.

Communities around the region were handling this changeover differently. In the Finger Lakes region, which includes Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, Yates, and Monroe counties – no ‘proof’ of an underlying condition was required. Individuals were simply instructed that they would have to attest to their condition. One concern was that proving a medical condition could become complicated, as county’s already struggle to keep up with demand.

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In Central New York, counties like Cayuga, worked with various municipalities inside to create waiting lists. Outsourcing some of the work, which was reported by The Citizen, would help the health department navigate the process.

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However, Cayuga is also requiring that anyone with a health condition prove it by providing documentation at the time of their vaccination. A note from a healthcare provider, or medical summary with identifying information on it would do, too.

Without the qualifying documentation – individuals would not be allowed to sign-up for the vaccine in Cayuga County. Some voiced concerns about this relative to individual access to healthcare, which is less regular in rural communities.

The state has a dashboard to find the closest vaccine, as well as a toll free number to call for those having challenges with the sign-up process.