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FATHERHOOD CONNECTION: Introducing The Boy, The Man, The Legend (podcast)

When Reggie Cox started The Fatherhood Connection it was done to help educate young men going through difficult periods of life. It’s a parenting and personal development program that’s been around for nearly two decades. It sets out to increase men’s self-sufficiency, self-awareness, and to provide skills to fathers and father figures in the areas of parenting, communication, discipline, anger management, and problem solving.

“It’s all about building healthy relationships,” Reggie said during an appearance on the FL1 Daily podcast in 2020.

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Following that appearance News Director Josh Durso and Reggie worked together to spread that message to a broader, different audience. “Everyone understands the value of press releases and traditional announcements, but there’s also a lot of untapped value in audio. Specifically podcasts,” Durso said.

The two got to work on developing a concept for a podcast, which will air twice-monthly on and all streaming services – like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and others. “This is an exciting opportunity for people to learn more about the Fatherhood Connection and our positive message,” Reggie added. “The successes we’ve seen within the program are so powerful.”

The launch of the podcast coincides with The Fatherhood Connection’s continued growth in the Finger Lakes and Rochester-area. The programs offered by The Fatherhood Connection are recognized and referred by local courts, and have risen in profile over the last several years.

Episode #1: Building Better Men – The Basics

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