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Port Byron schools will go remote before Christmas break

The Port Byron Central School District will go remote in the days leading up to Christmas break.

The announcement came in a Facebook post earlier this week.

“We have taken great pride on our ability to plan, reflect and change to meet the never ending challenges of educating students in the pandemic. To this end, we will be sharing with parents next week a change in our schedule in December,” the district said.

Remote instruction will occur on December 21st, 22nd, and 23rd before break.

The district says there are three reasons.

“One is the fact that we need to practice our new remote schedule. It is quite different from last March or what we are currently doing. Our practice has the staff shifting to teach remotely from school and from home in some cases. This is to prepare for the possibility of a long stretch of remote instruction in the future,” they said. “The second reason is for parents to prepare for the possibility. It will require time, space, supervision and internet.”

Another reason is that those days will not be ‘normal’ as they are in other years when special events take place at school.

“Lastly, we recognize how difficult it is for the students to remain in the pods before the “big” day. We cannot have the usual treats and ceremonies. We have had the best and most instruction in the region. Learning from home three days provides a nice change while giving us and parents a chance to prepare for the possibility of remote instruction in the future,” the district concluded.