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Town of Tyre will contract with Galen-Clyde Fire Department for protection in 2021

The Town of Tyre has gone another direction for fire protection.

On November 19th the Town Board authorized a one-year contract with the Galen-Clyde Fire District for 2021.

“For many, many years Tyre has engaged the Magee Volunteer Fire Dept. for its annual fire protection contract. For a number of reasons including serious concerns that have been raised, we sought expert legal advice and thus decided to explore other options and opportunities for fire protection,” Town Supervisor Ron McGreevy said. “Much time and effort went into making this decision, always keeping the best interests and safety of our residents first and foremost.”

He says the Galen-Clyde Fire District offered the Town a contract that was less in cost, and better in terms of service provided. Supervisor McGreevy didn’t mince words when addressing the subject on Monday. “[The contract] offered the Town fire protection that would ensure response on a consistent basis, without all of the dysfunctional issues and uncertainties facing Magee,” he added. “We do sincerely thank the Magee Volunteer Fire Dept. and their members for their past years of service to Tyre, and we truly hope that the internal issues that they are currently facing can be resolved in the future.”

While McGreevy did not elaborate on specifics of the internal turmoil that the department faced – the Magee company has been going through a number of issues related to OSSHA and bingo license violations in 2019 and 2020.

For more background on the situation, and how the Town of Tyre arrived at this moment – click on the story below.

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