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Ontario County officials worried as COVID-19 cases climb

The same day public health and elected officials in Seneca County called on residents to step up compliance with mask-wearing and social distancing requirements amid the Coronavirus Pandemic – officials in Ontario County did the same.

Ontario County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Marren and Public Health Director Mary Beer called on residents to buckle down amid an increase in COVID-19 cases.

There had been approximately 800 cases of COVID-19 as of that update in Ontario County, 238 of which were recorded in October alone. Already in November 125 new cases have been found.

“Unfortunately, we are experiencing a troubling increase in community-acquired COVID-19 cases,” said Beer. “This virus is highly contagious and not everyone who has the virus demonstrates symptoms, which means we must take extra precautions and approach everyone as if they are a coronavirus carrier, and we must stop holding and attending large and even small gatherings.”

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“Together, we must do everything we can to avoid another shutdown,” added Marren. “We urge residents of all ages to take very seriously the need to exercise those important public safety measures we’ve been heralding since the earliest days of the pandemic: wear a face mask in public, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and avoid social gatherings.”

Anyone who feels sick should stay home and consult their primary care physician.