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NYS Gaming Commission says Magee FD’s bingo license will be revoked

The New York State Gaming Commission says that unless the Magee Fire Department can refute new claims about continued bingo and game of chance violations in 2020 it will lose its license at the end of the month.

It would mean an end of legal bingo at the Magee Fire Department beginning November 1st.

The volunteer fire department had sponsored bingo games for years as a means to raise money for the department. However, an investigation launched during the summer of 2019 resulted in official citations by the state.

The Gaming Commission had agreed to soften the punishment, which was approved by a 4-0 count in early-2020. The Commission had been recommended to revoke the department’s bingo license and bingo ID number if any additional issues were found.

A hefty fine of $5,000 was also recommended.

A new letter from Division of Charitable Gaming Director Stacy Harvey asserts that continued non-compliance in the first half of 2020 – after the initial decision was rendered by the Gaming Commission – means that they will lose their license effective November 1st.

“Magee Fire received a three-year suspended sentence, with the stipulation that their gaming activities comply with all charitable gaming laws and regulations,” the letter begins. “However, a review of the records maintained by the Tyre Town Clerks office’s indicates that Magee Fire continuously fails to file weekly bingo reports within seven days after the conclusion of each occasion.”

The letter indicates that weekly reports were also filed late on numerous occasions between January and July of this year.

“Further, Magee Fire failed to file quarterly bingo reports with the local licensing authority within fifteen days after the end of each calendar quarter during which there had been a bingo occasion,” the letter adds. “Magee Fire’s quarterly reports were filed with the Tyre Town Clerk’s office days after they were due for the first and second quarters of 2020.”

The letter concludes that if Magee Fire is unable to provide proof to refute the allegations by October 31st that the Division of Charitable Gaming would revoke its bingo and game of chance identification numbers – or licenses – for one year beginning November 1st.

A $5,000 fine will also be imposed on the district and due November 1st as well.

The Gaming Commission didn’t confirm whether additional information refuting the claims had been received.

Brad Maione, Director of Communications for NYSGC said, ”

The Commission has no comment on any communications received from the Magee Fire Department. The letter speaks for itself.”