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Seneca County will petition Supreme Court to review decision on $6M in unpaid taxes by Cayuga Nation

Officials in Seneca County say they will be petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to review an issue connected to more than $6 million in owed property taxes.

It brings the Cayuga Nation, and its properties owned in Seneca County back into the spotlight. They have not paid property taxes on a number of the parcels owned and held by the Nation.

A statement from Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Hayssen blamed late filing by the County’s previous legal representatives, which resulted in a significant delay.

“Seneca County will, not like the last time, be not only on time but will be early in the filing. Regrettably, our formal Counsel filed the Petition too late, thus it being denied, and costing Seneca County another six years of delay,” Hayssen said in the statement.

Dispute over unpaid taxes in Seneca County by the Cayuga Nation has been ongoing for more than a decade.

“Seneca County will present a complete Petition that not only will be received by SCOTUS but will be heard before the Full Court,” Hayssen added.

Officials: Cayuga Nation owes $6M in taxes in Seneca County, over $254K for properties along Rt. 89 that remain partly demolished