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Officials: Cayuga Nation owes $6M in taxes in Seneca County, over $254K for properties along Rt. 89 that remain partly demolished

Seneca County has denied the Cayuga Nation permits to demolish what’s left of a handful of buildings along State Route 89.

The reason? An outstanding tax bill.

On February 22nd, the Cayuga Nation demolished a series of properties that were under dispute between a rival faction. Proper permits were not obtained prior to demolition, but officials say the Cayuga Nation applied for them after the fact.

Those permits were approved on some properties – namely the gas station at the corner of State Route 89 and Bayard Street Extension, but was denied on properties across the street.

A local law that’s been on the books for a number of years in Seneca County prevents permits from being issued to properties with delinquent taxes.

The Cayuga Nation currently owes $6,061,131.23 in taxes, interest and penalties on its properties in Seneca County, including $254,957.07 for the subject properties along the east side of Route 89.

“Seneca County is reviewing it’s legal options for ensuring compliance with the New York State Building Code but this matter could be resolved today if the Cayuga Indian Nation would simply pay its property taxes,” said Robert Hayssen, Chairman of the Seneca County Board of Supervisors in a press release.

It’s unclear what action will come next, or if the buildings will remain untouched moving forward.