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Anthony Road Winery celebrates 30 years in the Finger Lakes

Anthony Road Wine Company is celebrating 30 years of outstanding wine-making on the west side of Seneca Lake in New York’s Finger Lakes region.

Anthony Road Wine Company has been a leader in the Finger Lakes viticulture, research, and wine-making industries since its inception on September 15th, 1990. To mark this milestone, the Martini family is releasing their limited production, methode champenoise 2016 Sparkling Riesling.

Anthony Road Wine Company (ARWC) was founded by Ann and John Martini as well as Donna and Derek Wilber with the support of family and friends. Starting out in a makeshift tasting room with less than 3,000 cases in production, Anthony Road has grown into a critically acclaimed wine company producing more than 10,000 cases annually with national and international distribution. With nearly 100 acres of vineyards in production, ARWC has been instrumental in the cultivation of the Finger Lakes grape-growing industry.

“We are strong supporters of grape and wine research and educating future growers and winemakers,” said John Martini. “I like to say that our grandchildren’s children will reap the benefits of the trials and errors that this generation is experiencing.”

Always a family affair, the management of Anthony Road Wine Company has shifted to the Martini’s children and their spouses. “The kids helped in the vineyard when they were young and saw how much work it takes. When they went off to pursue their different skills, I didn’t expect them to come back but I sure am glad that they did,” Ann Martini added.

The third generation of Anthony Road, Ann and John’s grandchildren, are also active in the family business working on the bottling line, taking care of the lawn and garden, and working in the tasting room.

“We have been blessed with support from family and friends along the way and have had talented and gifted winemakers,” said Liz Castner (Martini), who works as Tasting Room Manager. “We navigate through the day to day, guided by our experiences, working towards what we want to see, and motivated by the hard work and sacrifices our parents made over the years. I continue to be excited to share our story and the story of the vineyards and the wines.”

There are various ways in which folks can celebrate with the Martinis this fall, not least of which is visiting the tasting room to enjoy the commemorative 2016 Sparkling Riesling. Guests are invited to attend one of the intimate three course wine pairing dinners, Sunday Suppers, held on the first Sunday of each month. To receive exclusive access to library wines and discounted event tickets, celebrants are encouraged to become members of the family by joining the Family Wine Club.

For more information about the history of Anthony Road Wine Company, the acclaimed wines, and the Martini family, please visit