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How Can Microsoft 70-741 Exam Help You Advance in Your Career in IT? Use Exam Dumps to Secure a Good Passing Score

Microsoft certifications help many IT professionals upgrade their careers and consolidate their position in any international company in the world. Every applicant can find suitable exams that are personalized according to the candidates’ profiles, helping both newbies and experts develop their skills in a certain niche. For an aspiring college student, you may start your journey in the IT industry by acing major college exams like PSAT and SAT. Visit ExamGenius to learn more about it.

As Windows Server functionalities continue to evolve, complying with the IT market’s changes, Microsoft has launched the MCSA Windows Server 2016 accreditation. This credential can help any candidate who wants to learn more about how to manage DNS, IPAM, or VPNs.

This article is dedicated to the Microsoft 70-741 exam which is one of the assessments you need to ace to earn the mentioned badge. We will give you more details on how the test is structured and what skills you need to develop if you want to gain the passing score. Also, we know how much the preparation process influences the success in your exam. Thus, we will share with you the information about relevant preparation options such as Microsoft’s materials and exam dumps from the 1. CertBolt website. Hop in this journey with us and discover more about your path to becoming certified!

Certification Path

As we already mentioned, 70-741 assessment is one of the milestones you need to complete if you want to obtain the MCSA credential in Windows Server 2016. It focuses on the network functionalities included in Windows Server 2016 products. But this is not the only requirement: to acquire this certification, you have to successfully pass two more exams that are the following:

  • 70-740 test that evaluates the candidates’ skills in installing and managing Windows Server 2016 services;

  • 70-742 the final exam which strengthens candidates’ knowledge on Windows Server 2016 identity features.

Microsoft 70-741 Exam Details

Click Here for Exam-Labs 70-741 Practice Test. Now, coming back to the Microsoft 70-741 test, these are the skills you need to possess to pass it with no struggle:

  1. Installation and configuration of DNS servers as well as the configuration of DNS specific records and zones;

  2. DHCP and IPAM installation and configuration;

  3. Identification of reliable solutions for Remote Access and network connectivity implementation;

  4. Implementing IPv4 and IPv6 as well as DFS features;

  5. Advanced Network Infrastructure implementation.

The exam consists of various questions of different types. Thus, you will discover both formats of tasks with a unique answer and multiple-choice items. Also, the registration fee to take 70-741 exam is $165.

Are you curious to know more about what you can do to increase your chances to obtain a passing score from the first try? Keep reading the paragraphs below and discover how both Microsoft resources and exam dumps can help.

Prepare for 70-741 Exam with Microsoft Resources

The team of trainers working for Microsoft provides different preparation options according to students’ various learning habits and preferences. Thus, while some candidates give excellent returns when they attend live courses, others are more efficient when they study at their own pace. So, when it comes to the preparation resources for 70-741 exam, the vendor’s offer is remarkably diverse.

The instructor-led training is an interactive way of obtaining information and skills. It helps test-takers know everything they need to pass the exam. You can find it directly on the Microsoft website with code 20741A. Even though the rhythm of this course is accelerated and intensive, you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Microsoft trainers and get a hands-on experience for 70-741 test.

Online training is very useful in case you are the type of student who prefers self-paced classes. It consists of recorded videos that will offer you more information on basic networking. Thus, you have more flexibility in organizing your training routine and you can review the videos as many times as you want.

The books can be considered to be out of fashion but Microsoft itself and lots of applicants worldwide still believe in the added value these materials can bring in the preparation process for 70-741 assessment. You can download the official study guide directly from the Microsoft Press Store and learn more about the networking features that Windows Server 2016 has.

The more training resources you use – the more chances you have to obtain a good passing score. Once you have gone through all the materials, you can check your knowledge level by accessing Microsoft’s official practice test. Therefore, you will identify if you need to study more on certain notions and get used to the test’s difficulty level.

Do you want to learn more about where to find more trial tests to improve your exam results? Are you ready to pass 70-741 test from the first try? Don’t miss the paragraphs below!

Exam Dumps Can Secure Your Score in 70-741 Test

The main feature of exam dumps is their validity. To get actual materials, we recommend choosing the ones from From this website, test-takers can download the free sets of questions and answers to strengthen their knowledge for 70-741 exam. These vce files come from successful exam-passers who want to help the future candidates obtain the passing score on the first attempt.

The other option is a paid Premium Bundle that makes a real difference in your preparation routine. For just $39.97 you will have access to 257 questions and answers verified by IT experts, a comprehensive training course, and one 1639-page study guide.

AllExamSnap’s exam dumps can be opened using the VCE Exam Simulator. This application is highly effective as it simulates the real testing environment and allows you to create your own tests, track your progress, and measure the time spent on answering the questions.


Passing 70-741 exam will take you closer to obtaining the MCSA credential in Windows Server 2016. As the test’s difficulty is quite high, you will need to study hard if you don’t want to take the exam more than once. Microsoft materials can be helpful in understanding the exam’s concepts and notions better while exam dumps will increase your confidence by providing verified sets of questions and answers. Use these materials to upgrade your career and become a demanded professional in your field.

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