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Lawmakers urged to expand vote by mail in New York

Some are calling for expanded absentee ballot access in New York. It would effectively turn the election system at-large in the state in to a vote-by-mail effort.

Thousands of New Yorkers are expected at the polls in June to cast ballots in primaries and special elections. Without a doubt, that primary, which will be held on June 23rd will be busy.

That said, even if restrictions are lifted – some will be hesitant about leaving home.

“People are asking to be able to do absentee ballots because they’re afraid of getting sick or they’re in an at-risk group or they just don’t simply want to go to the polls on Election Day,” Dustin Czarny, the co-chairman of the statewide association of elections commissioners and the Onondaga County Board of Elections co-chair told Spectrum News.

While exceptions have been granted for absentee ballots, it hasn’t changed the broader message: If voters can show up to polling places – many would prefer it.

There’s call for more action, though. Especially from the legislature.

“That’s already happening,” Czarny added. “To be able to send those applications out and know they are not going to be challenged on the back end, the Legislature or the governor needs to act.”