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New measure prevents chiefs from relaying DMV data to ICE, other immigration agencies

Police agencies across New York are having to sign agreements with the state. These new agreements will promise that they will not share DMV data with federal immigration agencies like ICE and Customs and Border Protection.

That’s if they want to retain access to the DMV database.

The move comes weeks after the Green Light Law went into effect across New York State.

“It just seems like a personal agenda got put in the middle of public safety,” said Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode told 13WHAM.

He says the agreement had to be signed by last week, or else the state would shut off his agency from access to the DMV database.

Many other local police chiefs and sheriffs told 13WHAM they “reluctantly” signed the agreement so their law enforcement officers would be able to retain access to vital DMV data on the job.

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