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Residents face roadblocks over safer Woodville

Vicki and Francisco Garza will always remember Sept. 8, 2016.

That’s the day a distracted driver speeding through Woodville smashed into their car, which was parked outside their cottage. The impact pushed their Lexus into the cottage, smashing it into a corner of the building. The driver’s car rolled over onto Route 21. The crash totaled both vehicles. The driver was not seriously injured and the Garzas weren’t hurt.

But it could have been a lot worse. Residents of the South Bristol hamlet say there have been worse cases over the years, including fatalities.

A major north/south thoroughfare runs through the hamlet, and it sports a steep hill to the north with year-round and seasonal homes situated close to the road. Warm months bring lots of activity from cottagers, boat launch users, and restaurant, marina and mini-park goers. All year long there’s traffic going through on Route 21, including big rigs like tractor trailers.

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