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SAFETY MOMENT: Winter driving a must in the Finger Lakes

As mother nature spits and sputters snow flurries, our team recognizes some site specific winter driving practices such as maintaining three points of contact when entering and exiting vehicles and heavy machinery, but there are many winter driving tips that are constant no matter where we are:

  • Maintain good traction and grip.
  • Ensure lights are in proper working order.
  • Understand your vehicle braking capacity. Practice in an empty parking lot.
  • Clean snow and ice from windows and sensors.
  • Be on alert for black ice conditions.

And most of all, slow down. The posted speed limits do not apply with snowy & icy road conditions. Braking ability, maneuverability and visibility are often reduced.  Speed kills and we all want to get home safe.


Safety Moment is a monthly feature authored by Kyle Black of Seneca Meadows.