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Rep. Katko calls impeachment inquiry ‘dangerous’

Republican Congressman John Katko is speaking out about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, saying he does not support it and thinks politicians should instead focus on real issues that impact real people.

From the nation’s capital to Central New York, all eyes are on the impeachment inquiry launched this week by House Democrats. At the center of it is President’s Trump’s July phone conversation with Ukraine’s president and a whistleblower report just disclosed this week. “He’s a freewheeler. I don’t conduct myself in a freewheeling style like he does. What I do think is, if they want to investigate him, they should just investigate him,” Katko said.

Katko has called the impeachment inquiry a dramatic overstep, saying Democrats are moving forward without waiting for all the facts. By phone on Friday, Katko tells CNYCentral he does not support impeachment. “I just reached the conclusion as a prosecutor that the evidence isn’t there and I really truly think it jumps the gun on the impeachment inquiry without knowing the facts,” Katko said.

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