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Best Internet Security: Online Tips Every Businessman Should Know

Today’s businesses cannot escape usage of the internet, whether they are operating internally or externally. While online resources are an inexhaustible means of easy communication, they are also the source of cyberattacks. It is vital that business people are well aware of the looming dangers of the internet towards their businesses and implement the best internet security. The internet tips below can be really handy in protecting you in 2019.

Security-conscious passwords

It is advisable that businesses have a different password unique to their online accounts. Using the same password over and over again makes it easy for someone who has gained unauthorized access to one account access to other accounts quickly.

Secure networks

A lot rests on the security of your network. Sending your sensitive data over an open and unsecure network puts you at risk for data theft as well as system infiltration by intruders. Always make sure you are utilizing the best internet security and you are connected via a secure network, especially when working with sensitive data such as personal details and banking details. It’s easy for a business’s database to be accessed by unauthorized individuals if anyone using devices that connect to the company’s network gets hacked.

Updated Software

Using old software puts you at risk as hackers would be mostly acquainted with the vulnerabilities that have been found in old software versions. Keep your software up to date. It is recommended that you automatically update the software where possible to keep up with new security patches and modifications. Software companies often include code that corrects vulnerabilities into their software as soon as they discovered. Using updated software means that you are left behind when others are getting protection from an exploitable weakness in the software code.

Antivirus Software

Software is the framework for most business processes in the digital age. Therefore, it’s non-negotiable that a business needs software specifically dedicated to its cybersecurity welfare. Antivirus software that addresses potential risks should cover every device within your business. The following are some of the best internet security software businesses around the world use.

Norton Security Premium

When you hear the word premium, you may think, “Can I afford this?” But fear not. Norton Security Premium is actually the best-priced antivirus suite on this list. This leveled-up cybersecurity solution comes in different packages such as the Norton 360 Deluxe and the Norton 360 Standard. All these options offer invaluable features that could save your business a lot of hustle in terms of internet security.


Norton Security Premium Suite is a very affordable and one of the best internet security tools in 2019. It has compatibility with devices running Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as well. Antivirus packages are designed to cover several devices, and this means a single suite license can offer protection for your valued assets.


It is a highly regarded antivirus suite offering added features like parental control and cloud storage space for back p. Where else could you get an offer like that with an assured promise for internet security? Norton Security Premium comes with free trial versions to help you decide if you want to part with your money for all these incredible features. It is the best choice for business people looking for a cost-effective antivirus on a budget.

Bitdefender Total Security

Well known for its merciless nature towards malware, Bitdefender is a top contender for the best internet security antivirus for business use. The Bitdefender Total Security suite offers comprehensive internet security with many features to minimize the risk your business is exposed to through its online communication.


Features available through Bitdefender include multi-layer protection and behavioral malware detection. All these work to keep your devices free from malicious software. Data encryption is also available in all the packages under this suite as is anti-phishing ad anti-fraud. Your business operations will be covered from all angles from potential cyber threats.


If you are on the market for the best internet security antivirus with many activity-specific features but also light on computer resource usage, this is the right antivirus for you. Bitdefender will have you in a secure bubble where all your internet usage is not left to chance when it comes to security. It is, however, a little pricey.

AVG Ultimate

AVG antivirus is an advanced internet security solution which uses artificial intelligence in its functions. It is suitable for internet security and has convenient maintenance tools to keep your device working at its optimum level.


AVG is a popular choice among the best internet security—it supports devices on all operating systems and can be used to cover all your devices without a cut-out limit. There is protection for your webcam, a VPN, and it will also clean up your device for space.


AVG is not packed with features as Bitdefender, but it has impressive functionality. If you are as concerned with internet security as you are with automated maintenance, then this is an ideal antivirus for your business. An added perk is the availability of a free antivirus with all the crucial elements you can think of.

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