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Types of home renovation to improve home value

Home renovation can seem like a daunting task, but with today’s options you can actually make money from home improvement. Your home can skyrocket in value with renovations so they are a great investment. Picking the best investments can be hard if you do not know the value of certain home elements. There are big renovations that can go wrong so stay knowledgeable and stay with smart renovations so your home can get that boost you want. For instance, you should definitely explore loft conversion london options if you want to maximize your house space. This article will list just a few renovations that can make a huge difference in your homes style, comfort, efficiency, and value. 

Windows and Doors

A simple, often overlooked, addition to your house is replacing the windows and doors, especially the front door and garage doors.

  • Garage Doors – That’s right, garage doors. You may not think about them, but they can add a lot of value to your home. Curb appeal is essential in selling a home and garage doors often take over much of the outdoor visual realestate of your home. Newly installed garage doors can give your home personality, especially with places like CSSGarageDoors which offer so many styles, you can really make it your own. These doors are also energy efficient and make your home more secure.
  • Front Door – Front doors can stand out from the house and give your home an interesting style, or can blend in and make your home more welcoming and cozy. Most importantly new front doors can give an excellent first impression to home buyers and also save you money in the long run by adding insulation to your home. Doors and windows let air enter and escape your home, therefore causing you to run the heating and air more than necessary to stay comfortable. Replacing these fixtures will not only save you money on your electrical bill, but any potential buyer will also find this a huge bonus and selling point to your home.
  • Windows – There are many styles of window replacement to consider, depending on where you live and your budget. However, just like front doors your old windows probably cost you a lot on your energy bill. New windows add a nice look to your house as well as practical money saving uses making them an excellent choice for home improvement.

Room Additions or Improvement

Improving the look, feel, and efficiency of rooms in your house can be tricky, but it is a great investment on comfort and home value. The rooms with the most bang for your buck have to be the kitchen, bathrooms, and basement. These rooms can be the selling point of your home when done right and just minor improvements can make a world of difference.

  • Kitchen – The kitchen is an integral part of any home, and upgrading appliances, counters, or even tile can make a big difference. This is probably the most popular home renovation project as it can add a lot of value to a home. Remember to keep the style of the rest of the house in mind as an ultra modern kitchen in an otherwise historic home can actually make the house lose value. Keeping in mind the style and make of your home, you can make a kitchen a huge selling point by doing some renovations. Upgrading the style with a new coat of paint and more stylish tile can make your kitchen stand out. New appliances like the best flat top grills can be installed to give your kitchen an instant boost, and extra points if you install energy efficient models as many home buyers love saving money on electricity.
  • Bathrooms – Bathrooms are another huge winner for home improvement, and a renovated bathroom can also save money on energy and water bills. If you want to renovate an existing bathroom, keep in mind it will not be usable during the remodel so make sure it’s the right renovation for your home before jumping in. Adding a bathroom to a one bathroom home can also seem like a lot, but it can drastically increase a home’s value. Consider if you have any unused spaces such as closets, or under the stairs. You only need 18 square feet for a half bath or 30 to 35 for a full bath. The addition of a bathroom is something to consider, especially for one bathroom homes.
  • Basement – If your home has an unfinished basement, this is an excellent place to renovate. Finished basements can be used for so many things such as kids playrooms, or even a small apartment for relatives or renting. Renovating a complete basement may take some work but adds space to a home that many people will see as the selling point to the home.
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