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New York State Police no longer releasing mugshots

The New York State Police will no longer release mugshots, the agency announced Wednesday.

The decision follows passage of the 2019-20 state budget that included a provision effectively prohibiting the release of booking photos. The language was included in the budget because supporters believe the release of the images is an “unacceptable invasion of the individual’s personal privacy.”

The state police said it will no longer release mugshots and won’t provide the images when requested by the press. The exception is if the agency chooses to release mugshots “for specific law enforcement purposes only.”

After the state police informed the press that it wouldn’t distribute mugshots, The Citizen received a news release from the agency regarding a drug bust in Oneida County. The mugshots of the two men arrested on drug charges were included with the release.

The mugshot ban was proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his executive budget. He aimed to crack down on websites that post mugshots online, then attempt to extort individuals who wish to have the image removed.

These websites, according to Cuomo’s office, often charge up to $400 to remove a photo after it’s published online. The governor’s State of the State booklet claimed the mugshot ban “will prevent the release of information that fuels this extortionate practice and help ensure the privacy of individuals.”

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