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Cloudy future for Newark Municipal Building

Newark Mayor Jonathan Taylor said no decision has been made on selling the village-owned Municipal Building, but there is one certainty: A tenant is departing.

The town of Arcadia has purchased a vacant medical office building at 201 Frey St., near Newark-Wayne Hospital, for $200,000 for use as its new town hall, according to Supervisor Chuck Verkey.

Verkey said the move makes financial sense, given that the rent the town was paying the village was projected to rise over $11,000 under a prospective new landlord.

“Our lease/rent cost per year was $16,500, and in November 2018, we were advised by the mayor that there was a new owner of the building and the rent would be increased to $18,000,” he wrote in a post that appeared on Facebook. “Two weeks following that notification, the owner then advised that the lease would be $23,000 per year. In the first week of December 2018, I was contacted by the owner, and I asked about the lease, as I had not yet seen one. He advised that our lease/rent will be $27,790, and he would send me copy of the lease, of which I still have not received.”

Verkey said the possible owner also stated that “the second year of the lease/rent would increase because of utilities.”

While Verkey said there is a new owner, Taylor said the Village Board has not agreed to sell the office building.

“We haven’t made a determination that selling is best,” Taylor said.

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