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The end is near: Auburn landfill has about two years of life left

Auburn’s landfill has just under two years of life left. In preparation of its cap-off, the city is planning on constructing a transfer station, where trash will be transported to another nearby landfill.

Based on a survey taken in December, an estimated 116,000 tons of space remains at the landfill, which may sound like a lot, but about 60,000 tons of garbage is dropped off to the site each year.

Mike Talbot, Auburn’s superintendent of public works, said at a city council meeting Thursday that garbage drop-off needs to be reduced by 50 percent. A ton reduction would provide a time buffer to get the transfer station up and running.

To meet this reduction, Talbot said certain waste types will no longer be accepted. Additionally, commercial haulers will have to find another site to dispose waste. These haulers shouldn’t have a problem of finding a new drop-off site, said Talbot, as some already did so when dumping prices were raised a few years back.

A 4,000 square-foot transfer station will be placed near the landfill so that Auburnians won’t have to travel any further to get rid of their trash.

Talbot said he’s hoping the station will cost somewhere between $550,000 and $600,000 — a “pretty reasonable” price considering the station’s anticipated longevity and usefulness to the community.

Talbot added that affordability shouldn’t be a concern.

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