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Two accidents at Rt. 370 and Rt. 38 intersection raise safety concerns in Victory

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On Sunday, emergency crews responded to a two-car accident at the intersection of Route 370 and Route 38. This incident marked the second crash at this intersection on the same day, raising serious safety concerns among residents.

Green Gator News reported that Victory and Conquest Fire Departments, along with CIMVAC Ambulance and Fair Haven Ambulance, were dispatched to the scene. Emergency crews arrived promptly and worked efficiently to clear the scene. Several individuals involved in the accident were transported to the hospital for treatment. The New York State Police were also present to assist with the investigation and traffic control.

The first accident of the day occurred earlier in the morning, involving two vehicles at the same intersection. The recurrence of such accidents has prompted local residents to demand immediate action from town, county, and state authorities to address the safety issues at this busy intersection.

Local resident Janny Hemler-Wilson voiced her concerns, stating, “The Victory town meeting is tomorrow at 7 PM. A complaint has been filed with the state, and we have asked the town to create a resolution. We are starting a petition to help the board create the resolution needed to have the investigation started. They’ve asked for letters from people who have had accidents at that intersection. Green Gator News has done a great job of sharing reports and informing people. Whatever the solution may be, something has to be done!”

The petition, which aims to gather support for a formal investigation into the safety of the intersection, would call for the implementation of measures to prevent future accidents. Residents are encouraged to share their personal experiences and concerns in letters to the town board.

The repeated accidents at the intersection of Route 370 and Route 38 have underscored the urgent need for traffic safety improvements, according to residents. Potential solutions being discussed on social media after the most recent incidents included the installation of traffic signals, better signage, and improved road markings to enhance visibility and driver awareness.