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Sen. O’Mara voices concern Over state’s direction after budget

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State Senator Tom O’Mara expressed deep concerns about the state’s future in a recent column, following a troubling trend of increased crime and economic challenges. According to O’Mara, New York continues to struggle with high taxes, stringent regulations, and public safety issues, making it unaffordable for many residents. He criticized the state’s leadership for what he perceives as their failure to address these critical issues effectively.

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During a speech on May 6, 2024, O’Mara highlighted the exodus of residents from New York, attributing it to the state’s unaffordability and rising crime rates. He pointed to recent polling data showing Governor Hochul at her lowest-ever favorability and a strong public concern over the handling of illegal immigration and its impact on local resources.

O’Mara called for a new direction, promoting his “New Hope for the Empire State” agenda, which focuses on tax cuts, support for law enforcement, and reducing regulatory burdens to improve the business climate and public safety. Despite his efforts, he noted the current legislative session has continued on a path of high spending and taxes, which he believes will only exacerbate the state’s issues. O’Mara vowed to continue fighting for fiscal responsibility and safer communities in New York.