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Fratto gets major endorsement in race for NY-24

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Mario Fratto, a Geneva businessman aiming to become the Republican nominee for New York’s 24th congressional district, has secured an endorsement from Arizona Representative Paul Gosar.

Gosar, a prominent member of the Freedom Caucus, expressed strong support for Fratto, highlighting his commitment to key conservative values and his potential role in Congress. The endorsement was announced following their meeting at a recent Freedom Caucus event.

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Gosar praised Fratto for his dedication to border security, the right to life, the Second Amendment, and traditional values, encouraging conservatives in New York’s 24th District to support him in the upcoming Republican primary on June 25. Fratto responded positively, lauding Gosar’s conservative record and expressing eagerness to advance the America First agenda alongside like-minded Republicans.

While Fratto positions himself as a staunch supporter of former President Trump, it is notable that the incumbent, Claudia Tenney, received Trump’s endorsement in March. Fratto is preparing to challenge Tenney again after garnering 40% of the vote in the 2022 GOP primary.