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Farmer’s Almanac predicts hot, wet summer for Finger Lakes

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Following a year that marked the warmest on record globally, the Farmers’ Almanac has released its weather forecast for the upcoming summer, predicting unusually hot and wet conditions for New York. According to the almanac, which has been offering long-range forecasts since 1818, New Yorkers can expect a “sultry and soggy” summer, potentially bringing some of the hottest temperatures in recorded history.

The almanac’s forecast, titled “Summer Soaker Ahead,” uses a centuries-old formula that suggests the Northeast and New England will experience significant humidity and rainfall. It advises gardeners to consider planting “rain gardens” with water-loving plants like marigolds and irises, anticipating a repeat of last year’s wet conditions.

Despite the almanac’s historic charm and claims of 80% to 85% accuracy by readers, more rigorous analyses, such as one by the Columbus Dispatch, report that its predictions are about 50% accurate. As holidays approach, the almanac forecasts unsettled weather for Mother’s Day and cloudiness on Father’s Day, with a pleasant Fourth of July.