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SAFETY MOMENT: Stand down to prevent falls in construction week

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  • Kyle Black 

May 6-10 is OSHA’s National Stand Down to Prevent Falls in Construction Week. Three hundred and ninety five of the 1069 construction fatalities recorded in 2022 (BLS data) were from elevated falls – these were preventable fatalities. A ‘Stand Down’ is a moment where team members gather to discuss a specific safety item. 

The Spring construction season is well on its way as is home improvement season. Now is the perfect time to gather with family and hold your own stand down for safety to prevent falls at home.

Key behaviors and actions to help prevent elevated falls:

  • Work above 6 feet – employ conventional fall protection, have a spotter and stage materials & equipment more than 6 feet from the edge.
  • Be sure straight ladders extend at least 36 inches above top support point.
  • Set ladders on solid footing and place base away from wall of edge approximately one foot for every four feet of vertical height.
  • Refrain from using ladders as a platform.
  • Always use three points of contact when climbing and descending.
  • Adjust ladder position to avoid leaning out to the side.

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