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Former GE superfund site in Cayuga County cleaned up, state says

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A former dump site in Cayuga County has successfully met its cleanup goals and has been reclassified, signaling it no longer poses a significant threat to public health or the environment, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced. The site on Town Line Road in Springport, initially designated as a Class 2 site in 1993 due to hazardous waste concerns, has been upgraded to a Class 4 status.

The cleanup process addressed decades of pollution dating back to the 1960s when employees from General Products and General Electric used the site to dispose of over 600 drums of trichloroethene and other liquid wastes. Additionally, the site served as a municipal landfill for the towns of Springport and Aurelius during 1968-1969. Remedial efforts included the excavation of approximately 3,500 cubic yards of contaminated soil from the landfill area, which was subsequently backfilled with clean soil to promote safe vegetation growth.

With the site’s cleanup complete, an environmental easement now restricts its future use to residential, commercial, or industrial purposes. A comprehensive site management plan, effective from December 2023, mandates ongoing groundwater monitoring and soil vapor intrusion assessments to ensure continued safety and compliance with environmental standards.