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Troopers assist roadside baby delivery in Seneca County

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On April 15 the town of Waterloo became the unexpected backdrop for a heartwarming emergency delivery as local troopers assisted a woman in giving birth in her car. Troopers Joseph Vinci and Alexander Mullen were dispatched to a vehicle parked at Lowe’s in Waterloo where they found the woman in active labor.

Quickly responding to the urgent situation, troopers helped deliver a healthy baby girl. Their timely intervention ensured that mother and newborn were safe and well-cared for during the unexpected event.

Following the successful delivery, North Seneca Ambulance transported the mother and her new daughter to F.F. Thompson Hospital, where they were reported to be doing well. The community has lauded the troopers for their calm and efficient handling of the situation, marking a joyful occasion for the family and the officers involved.