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Seneca County IDA relocates to enhance services

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The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (SENIDA) has moved to a new office location at 2456 State Route 414, next to the Lux Hotel, to better support economic growth in the area. The move, completed recently, positions the agency in a building previously used by Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield until June 2023.

The new office, spanning 4,500 square feet, was selected for its potential to accommodate not only SENIDA but also future tenants. The decision followed SENIDA’s approval of a $9,000 contract with Beardsley Architects and Engineers to draft plans for interior renovations, aiming to create a space that meets modern business needs.

This relocation marks a significant step for SENIDA as it adapts its facilities to better serve the local business community and foster economic development in Seneca County. The agency’s new setting promises to be a hub for economic activity, reflecting its commitment to the region’s growth.