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Officials unveil ‘Lyons Strong’ operation for community revitalization

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Officials are gearing up and getting ready for a productive stretch in the town of Lyons.

On Thursday, town officials announced a new initiative titled “Operation: Lyons Strong,” aimed at enhancing community development, following the principles outlined in the Lyons 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The strategy focuses on revitalizing downtown areas, reducing blight and boosting job creation in the local industrial park. To support these goals, the town has increased its development office staff, adding roles such as a Code Enforcement Officer, Property Maintenance Officer, and the town’s first Economic Development Coordinator.

These new staff members will work alongside existing boards and committees, including the Community Implementation Committee and the Planning and Zoning Boards, to prioritize and drive efforts to improve market health and community life. Since the adoption of the Lyons 2040 plan two years ago, Lyons has secured over $10 million in state funding for downtown revitalization and infrastructure improvements, reinforcing its commitment to a vibrant and sustainable community.

The town’s comprehensive efforts include creating development standards for the downtown historic district, readiness strategies for the industrial park, and a county-wide housing strategy, all aimed at guiding the sustained growth and revitalization of Lyons.

Town Supervisor Jim Brady shared his pride in the local and regional partnerships that enhance Lyons’ position in the Finger Lakes Region’s development in recent years.

Officials say updates on the effort can be found on the Town of Lyons and Wayne County’s websites.