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College costs skyrocket, sparking concerns among students

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The soaring costs of attending college have reached new heights, with some institutions now charging up to $90,000 per year, creating a significant burden for families. Notable universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, Boston University, and Columbia are among those with the highest costs, while Syracuse University has seen a nearly 5% increase in its tuition, bringing the total cost to $88,000 annually. This dramatic rise in tuition fees is causing students and families to reconsider the value and affordability of higher education.

Amid these escalating costs, financial aid provides some relief, particularly for low-income students who may pay a fraction of the total price thanks to programs like the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). However, middle-class families find themselves in a difficult position, often earning too much to qualify for significant aid but too little to afford the exorbitant fees without hardship. The situation has sparked a debate about class mobility and access to education in the United States.

With the FAFSA process plagued by delays and inaccuracies, anxiety among students and their families is mounting as decision day approaches. The uncertainty surrounding financial aid amounts complicates the college selection process, leaving many to make choices without knowing if they can afford their education. Colleges and universities are adjusting deadlines in response, but the challenges underscore the growing financial barriers to higher education.

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