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Home » News » UPDATE: Illegal cannabis store operator from Cayuga, Wayne counties calls state fines ‘comical’ vowing to fight

UPDATE: Illegal cannabis store operator from Cayuga, Wayne counties calls state fines ‘comical’ vowing to fight

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David Tulley, owner of the “I’m Stuck” cannabis shops in the Finger Lakes region, is facing $15.2 million in fines after being accused of illegal sales and selling to underage customers. However, Tulley vehemently denies these allegations and plans to appeal the fine.

“It’s comical, it’s dumb,” Tulley told 13WHAM-TV in Rochester, expressing disbelief over the hefty penalty. “No one has $15 million. What does it do for them? Other than let them go to every pot store and say ‘Oooh, if you don’t shut down you’re going to be like Dave Tulley.'”

Tulley also rejected claims of selling to minors. “We have never, ever, ever — not any one of us, ever — sold to minors. That has not ever happened.” He criticized the state’s approach, questioning why such fines were not issued when cannabis was sold illegally on street corners.

Tulley contends that the regulations and fines are excessive and unfair.

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ORIGINAL: David Tulley fined $15.2M by New York State

Attorney General Letitia James has secured a $15.2 million judgment against David Tulley, owner of seven unlicensed cannabis dispensaries in Cayuga, Oswego, and Wayne counties, for operating without a license and selling cannabis to underage customers.

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Tulley, who owned the chains “I’m Stuck” and “Weed Warehouse,” ignored multiple notices from the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) to cease operations. In July, Attorney General James, Governor Hochul, and the OCM shut down Tulley’s stores and secured eviction notices. Tulley must now pay $7 million in illegal profits and $8.2 million in penalties.

“David Tulley illegally sold cannabis and unregulated products to underage customers,” said Attorney General James. “This judgment serves as a warning to all unlicensed cannabis stores in the state: we will enforce the law and shut down your operations.”

Tulley’s stores were located at:

  • 18-20 Canal Street, Lyons, NY
  • 2020 Crane Brook, Auburn, NY
  • 1944 State Route 104, Ontario, NY
  • 4081 Ridge Road, Williamson, NY
  • 9 East Genesee Street, Auburn, NY
  • 1146 Route 31, Macedon, NY
  • 4865 Jefferson Street, Pulaski, NY

Undercover investigators from the Office of the Attorney General purchased cannabis products from multiple “I’m Stuck” locations and observed sales to individuals under 21. Unlicensed cannabis products are not lab tested by OCM facilities, can be unsafe, and are not taxed.