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Cayuga County man arrested for stalking and child endangerment

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Sheriff Brian Schenck announced the arrest of 37-year-old Justin Kellogg from Summerhill on charges of stalking and child endangerment after an investigation. The arrest occurred in the early hours of March 22 following a domestic incident reported two days prior, where Kellogg was accused of aggressive behavior on the road.

According to the victim’s report on March 20, Kellogg had followed her from the Speedway in Moravia to the Town of Summerhill, engaging in dangerous driving that nearly caused multiple accidents. The victim was accompanied by two young children at the time, heightening the severity of the situation. Following an investigation, deputies obtained a warrant for Kellogg’s arrest.

Upon locating Kellogg during a traffic stop, he attempted to flee on foot but was subsequently apprehended by deputies in a nearby wooded area. After his arraignment, where an order of protection was issued, Kellogg was released on his own recognizance. He is expected to appear in the Town of Summerhill Court at a later date.