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April 2024 stimulus checks: Who’s getting paid and how?

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s the economic ripples of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt, select states have announced plans to distribute stimulus checks in April 2024. This initiative, separate from the IRS’s past economic impact payments, aims to offer financial relief due to persistent economic instability and inflation pressures.

State-Specific Support

Several states, leveraging their budget surpluses and tax rebate systems, have lined up to provide their citizens with an extra financial boost. Here’s a quick look at what some states are doing:

  • Alabama is sending a one-time tax rebate, benefitting about 1.9 million people with singles receiving $150 and married couples $300, tapping into a $2.8 billion surplus.
  • Arizona plans to give up to $750 for families with dependents under 17, aimed at alleviating inflation’s impact on residents.
  • Georgia encourages taxpayers to file their 2021 or 2022 returns to qualify for a tax credit of up to $500 for married couples filing jointly.
  • Illinois residents might find unclaimed property checks worth up to $5,000 in their mail, aiming to return $47 million to over 66,000 people.
  • Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington State also have various rebate and relief programs tailored to their residents’ needs.

Understanding Eligibility

Eligibility for these stimulus checks generally hinges on income levels, with caps set to ensure that the aid reaches those in need. Other factors, like the number of dependents and the individual’s tax filing status, also play crucial roles in determining the amount received.

Dispelling Myths

Amidst the news of state stimulus checks, it’s crucial to note that rumors of a “fourth stimulus check” for seniors or Social Security beneficiaries are unfounded. The IRS has confirmed that all federal Economic Impact Payments have been disbursed, urging the public to seek reliable information and report any discrepancies through official channels.

In summary, while the federal government has concluded its stimulus check distribution, several states step up to provide additional financial assistance amidst ongoing economic challenges. As April 2024 approaches, eligible recipients in participating states can anticipate a helpful boost to their finances.

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