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State Senate approves ban on CO2 fracking

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The New York State Senate passed legislation on Wednesday to prohibit the use of carbon dioxide for drilling and extracting oil and natural gas, voting 45-17 in favor of the ban. The legislation, introduced in February, aims to extend New York’s stance against fracking methods due to concerns over water safety, public health, and environmental impact. This decision directly counters attempts by Southern Tier solutions, a Texas-based company, to employ carbon dioxide fracking as an alternative to the state’s decade-long moratorium on hydrofracking.

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Supporters of the bill, including State Senator Lea Webb, emphasize the significant health and environmental risks associated with any form of fracking. Webb highlighted the historical decision to ban high-volume hydraulic fracking over a decade ago as a landmark move to safeguard public health and the environment in New York. The legislation now moves to Governor Hochul’s desk for approval, marking a continued effort to protect the state from potential fracking-related hazards.

The bill’s passage reflects New York’s commitment to environmental protection and public health, reinforcing its position against innovative fracking techniques that could undermine existing safeguards. With this legislative action, New York seeks to prevent the leasing and development of land for carbon dioxide fracking, thereby maintaining its progress in combating fracking practices within the state.