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Auburn Community Hospital first in nation to launch cutting-edge lab technology

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Auburn Community Hospital recently became the first in the United States to introduce Abbott’s Alinity h-series hematology automation system, a significant advancement in medical lab technology. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in August 2023, this automated analyzer for blood tests signifies a leap forward in healthcare diagnostics. The hospital celebrated this milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by hospital officials and Abbott executives, underlining the hospital’s upcoming endeavors, including the opening of a new cancer center and the establishment of a heart institute.

The partnership between Abbott and Auburn Community Hospital has been longstanding, with the hospital consistently utilizing Abbott’s hematology platforms. This enduring relationship contributed to Auburn being selected as the launch site for Abbott’s innovative laboratory technology. The introduction of the Alinity h-series aligns perfectly with the hospital’s commitment to providing top-notch patient care, facilitated by staff training at Abbott’s facility in Dallas to ensure proficiency in using the new system.

The implementation of the Alinity h-series at Auburn Community Hospital promises substantial benefits for patients, including the capacity to process nearly 120 complete blood counts per hour, significantly reducing wait times for results. For patients requiring regular blood transfusions, what previously entailed a two-hour wait for test results now takes just 20 minutes, exemplifying the hospital’s role in leading patient care advancements in rural healthcare settings.