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Taco Bell will open new location in Lansing

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The village of Lansing is on the verge of welcoming a new Taco Bell restaurant, as plans to demolish the former Pizza Hut at 2301 North Triphammer Road and replace it with the popular Mexican-inspired fast-food chain were discussed at the latest Planning Board meeting.

The proposed site, boasting a prime location adjacent to Route 13, is poised to bring a fresh dining option to the area, keeping the Taco Bell tradition alive alongside its existing Ithaca location.

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The new restaurant, as presented by Mike McCracken of Hospitality Restaurant Group, would feature a modern design optimized for post-pandemic dining habits, with a focus on drive-thru service and reduced indoor seating.

Additionally, an outdoor seating area is under consideration, promising a unique dining experience amidst the bustling commercial district. The plan aims to create 30-35 jobs and provide seating for 40 patrons within a 2,650 square-foot space.