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Young NY lawmakers form Future Caucus to tackle polarization

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In an innovative attempt to overcome political division, New York’s youngest state legislators have established the “Future Caucus.” Comprising bipartisan members aged 45 and younger from both houses, the caucus held its inaugural session meeting last month, aiming to foster collaboration across the aisle and focus on issues impacting younger generations. Assemblyman Alex Bores, a Manhattan Democrat and co-chair of the caucus, emphasized the group’s commitment to generating ideas that benefit all New Yorkers, amidst a Legislature predominantly controlled by Democrats.

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The Future Caucus, still in its early stages, has not yet identified specific legislative goals, planning to do so following the state budget’s finalization due April 1. Child care has emerged as a unifying concern among caucus members, many of whom have young families. In response, Assembly Republicans recently proposed a series of bills to address child poverty and improve access to quality child care, highlighting the essential nature of such services.

This initiative reflects a broader effort to bridge gaps between differing political views and foster a cooperative environment. Future Caucus Republican co-chair Assemblyman Ed Ra highlighted the importance of understanding beyond party lines, focusing on commonalities rather than divisions. As the caucus works towards establishing a legislative package, members remain hopeful that their collaboration will set a precedent for future bipartisan endeavors, addressing critical state issues while navigating the challenges of divisive topics like immigration and criminal justice.