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Seneca Falls delays landfill permit decision amid odor concerns

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The Seneca Falls Town Board has postponed the vote on the operating permit for Seneca Meadows Inc.’s landfill for the third month in a row, citing new complaints about odors.

The decision to table the vote came after Supervisor Frank Schmitter proposed another delay, which was motioned by Dawn Dyson and seconded by Frank Sinicropi, with the board unanimously agreeing to the postponement.

Local businesses and residents, including representatives from Waterloo Container and Seneca Falls teacher Heather Bonetti, voiced their concerns about persistent odors emanating from the landfill, affecting the quality of life and work environment.

Despite Seneca Meadows Inc. holding a state permit that supersedes the town’s authority, community members urged the board to withhold the local permit until the odor issues are adequately addressed. The board’s decision to delay the vote reflects ongoing frustrations within the community regarding the landfill’s impact on the local environment and public health.