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Canandaigua introduces heritage tree program

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The Town of Canandaigua is set to launch a Heritage Tree Program aimed at recognizing and preserving exceptional trees for their historical, botanical, and cultural significance to the community. Announced at the Town Board’s meeting on March 11, the initiative seeks to highlight trees that offer notable aesthetic value, ecological benefits, and connections to local history. The program encourages the community to engage in the maintenance, care, and protection of these vital natural landmarks.

Members of the town’s tree team presented the program, outlining criteria for designating heritage trees, including size, health, ecological importance, and historical associations. The initiative will also identify trees that are unique, endangered, or hold significant social or mythological roles. Arborist Dan Marion emphasized the importance of specific characteristics like trunk diameter and canopy spread in the selection process.

Residents are invited to nominate trees for the Heritage Tree Program by filling out a form available on the town’s website. With plans to visit town properties, hold an Arbor Day event, and conduct educational workshops, the tree team aims to foster greater public awareness and involvement in tree preservation, starting with the identification of the town’s first heritage tree.