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Wayne County considers major overhaul of emergency services

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Wayne County officials are debating a significant restructure of their emergency services, a move not seen since 2012. The proposed changes, discussed in a recent Public Safety Committee meeting, suggest the dissolution of the Department of Emergency Management Services, currently led by George Bastedo. Instead, emergency services would be divided into separate offices under the supervision of the county administrator and the E911 dispatch center would be overseen by the sheriff, aiming for a more streamlined operation.

The reorganization plan, sparked by a committee’s review last year, seeks to enhance efficiency and oversight within the county’s emergency response framework. Despite the broad support for reevaluation, some officials, including Board of Supervisors Chairman Tony Verno, expressed reservations about specific aspects, like the shift of E911 to sheriff’s control. The proposal is set for further discussion in March, reflecting a cautious approach to restructuring critical public safety operations.

The initiative represents a response to evolving needs within the emergency services department, which has seen significant expansion. By potentially reducing administrative layers and reallocating responsibilities, Wayne County aims to improve service delivery and management. However, the final decision awaits more in-depth review and consensus among new and returning board members, underlining the importance of thorough deliberation in matters of public safety and administrative efficiency.