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Seneca Meadows Landfill odors delay permit renewal again

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The Seneca Falls Town Board has once again postponed the decision on renewing a zoning permit for Seneca Meadows Inc.’s landfill, citing pervasive odor issues as the primary concern. In a recent meeting, the board decided by a 3-2 vote to table the discussion on the landfill’s compliance with the town’s regulations. The move reflects ongoing community dissatisfaction with the landfill’s impact on the local environment and quality of life.

Local businesses and residents have voiced their struggles with the landfill’s odors, which have been described as “unbearable” and “out of control.” Representatives from Waterloo Container and BonaDent Dental Laboratories highlighted the adverse effects on employees and the difficulty in attracting new workers and residents to the area. Concerns were also raised about the potential health risks associated with the landfill’s emissions and the need for immediate action to address the issue.

The town board’s decision to reconsider the permit renewal underscores the community’s desire for stronger enforcement of odor regulations and a comprehensive response plan to odor complaints. Discussions on establishing a more effective system for monitoring and addressing odor violations are underway, with the aim of holding Seneca Meadows Inc. accountable for its impact on the community. The board emphasizes the importance of safeguarding residents’ health and well-being as their top priority.