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New Yorkers face among the highest utility bills in the US, per new report

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In a recent analysis by doxoINSIGHTS, New York State has been identified as having the third-highest utility bills in the United States, with residents paying an average of $384 per month. This figure is significantly higher than the national average of $351 per month.

The study, which examined utility costs in all U.S. states and major cities, highlighted New York City as the most expensive within the state, where average monthly bills soar to $511. Other major cities in New York, like Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo, also feature high utility costs, ranging from $303 to $445. The report, utilizing data from users, compares these figures to the less expensive utility bills in states like Mississippi, South Dakota, and North Carolina, where monthly costs average below $290.

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In contrast, Milwaukee emerged as the city with the highest utility bills nationwide, averaging $538 per month. This is closely followed by New York City, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and San Jose, all exceeding the $400 mark. At the lower end, cities like Minneapolis, Memphis, Austin, Atlanta, and Charlotte offer some of the most affordable utility costs among America’s largest cities, all below $250 monthly.

The doxoINSIGHTS report also sheds light on the broader financial landscape of American households, detailing the ten most common monthly expenses, including mortgages, rent, auto loans, and various insurances, in addition to utility bills. This comprehensive analysis provides a clear view of the significant financial burden utilities place on households, particularly in major urban areas.

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