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Recycling schedule changes coming to Seneca County

Starting January 1 certain areas in Seneca County will experience changes in their recycling pick-up schedule.

This adjustment, a collaborative effort between Cardinal Disposal and Seneca County, is designed to enhance efficiency and service quality.

While most residents will see no alteration in their recycling schedule, those in the Village of Waterloo, the former Village of Seneca Falls, Town of Seneca Falls, Village of Ovid, and the Village of Interlaken should prepare for changes.

To assist residents in adapting to the new schedule, Seneca County provides a 2024 Recycling Calendar and an Interactive Route Map on These tools enable residents to easily determine their bi-weekly pick-up days based on their specific street address.

The website features a color-coded map where residents can input their address to find out the exact day and week (A or B) for their recycling collection. Seneca County supports single-stream recycling, allowing up to 8 blue bins or two 65-gallon toters of recycling every other week.

Residents should have already received a letter detailing these changes, and additional information can be found on the websites of Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension, Seneca County, and Cardinal Disposal. For those without internet access, inquiries can be directed to the Seneca County Recycling Office or Cardinal Disposal’s customer service.