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Ulysses town voters reject proposition for recreational property purchase

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In a special election held on Wednesday, residents of the Town of Ulysses voted against a proposition that sought to authorize the purchase of land for recreational purposes using American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

The unofficial results revealed that the proposition was defeated with 923 votes against it, compared to 510 in favor. This outcome marks a significant decision by the community on the use of federal funds allocated under the ARPA.

The proposition had become a subject of intense debate among Ulysses residents, especially on social media platforms. The discussions were centered around the broader concept of utilizing ARPA funds for parks and recreational developments, as well as the specifics of the property in question. The targeted property for this initiative was located on Kraft Road, encompassing up to 30 acres.

If approved, the proposal would have allowed the town to purchase the Kraft Road property at a rate of $7,000 per acre, totaling a maximum expenditure of $210,000.

The rejection of the proposal by a significant majority reflects the community’s priorities and viewpoints regarding the development of recreational facilities and the allocation of ARPA funds.