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Another year without town tax thanks to Ontario County Landfill

Residents of the town of Seneca, home to the Ontario County Landfill, are set to benefit from a town tax waiver for the 21st consecutive year, thanks to the annual revenue generated by Casella Waste Services of Ontario.

This arrangement has allowed property owners in this Ontario County municipality to avoid town tax bills for two decades.

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However, town officials cautioned that the 2024 budget would not include any new initiatives and emphasized the need to prepare for a future without landfill revenue.

The Town Board, responding to a town survey, voted earlier this year to recommend closing the 389-acre landfill in 2028, coinciding with its capacity limit and the expiration of its operating permit.

The 2024 budget, adopted by the Town Board on November 21, totals $1,748,579 for the general fund, a slight decrease from the 2023 amount of $1,758,279. The highway budget, however, has increased to $2.81 million, up from $2.57 million, primarily due to a culvert replacement on Kidder Road.

Despite these changes, the 2024 budget will still include $1.8 million from Casella, consistent with the 2023 allocation. Additionally, landfill revenue will be used to offset the Ontario County tax levy for the town by $400,000, maintaining the 2023 level but marking a $100,000 reduction from 2022.