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Gone Fishing: Top three locations to make your catch in Upstate New York

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There’s no shortage of fishing spots in Upstate New York – in fact, it’s one of the best places for anglers looking for a world-class angling experience! Lake Erie, Finger Lakes, Cayuga Lake, and Black Lake are some of the best fishing spots in Upstate New York

Some of New York’s record fish have been caught in this region – how about reeling in a 4 lb 8 oz lake trout from Lake Erie? Or, hooking a huge 33 lb Coho salmon from Lake Ontario? That’s what Upstate New York has to offer avid fishermen looking to make a big catch!

Read on to find out which top three fishing destinations should be on your must-have list the next time you’re in Upstate New York. The angling possibilities are endless!

Top Three Locations to Make Your Catch in Upstate New York

1. Black Lake

Black Lake, with its enormous size spanning over 11,000 acres, offers avid anglers some of the best fishing adventures in the area. Despite it being a popular fishing and holiday destination, it’s far from crowded and offers many secluded spots for a quiet day of fishing. 

High winds do make the open waters choppy at times, but you won’t battle to find a sheltered spot to cast your rod. As one of the most favorite fishing destinations in the region, anglers won’t run short of fishing supplies, boat rentals, or bait. 

Some of the more common fish species found in this lake include:

  • Black crappies
  • Bullheads
  • Catfish
  • Largemouth bass
  • Muskellunge
  • Northern pike

Prime fishing season is summer and fall, especially if you’re into game fishing and want to catch a largemouth bass. Black Lake is located two hours north of Syracuse and offers a wide range of accommodations for fishermen and holidaymakers alike. 

2. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario offers some of the best sports fishing experiences and ranks as the 13th largest lake in the world. Covering over 7,300 square miles, it’s easy to get lost on this lake if you’re not careful! 

The lake’s vastness allows for trolling with three rods per fisherman. Fishing enthusiasts won’t run short of fish species either, with the following often being caught:

  • Bass
  • Crappie 
  • Salmon
  • Sunfish
  • Trout

The lake’s expansive shoreline (over 726 miles) gives anglers the opportunity to fish from the shore while experimenting with different fishing reel techniques for the big catch. If you’re keen to hook a walleye, brown trout, bass, or Coho salmon, head to Niagara Bar on Lake Ontario.

To help wile away the peaceful hours, why not play this epic catch of the day game while you make the most of your fishing adventure! 

Bounded on the south by New York and on the north by Ontario, Canada, the closest U.S. city to Lake Ontario is Rochester, about 37 km away. The lake has many other activities besides fishing on offer, such as hiking, bird watching, and kayaking. 

3. Chautauqua Lake

If bass fishing is your scene, then you need to head on over to Chautauqua Lake! Located in the southwestern region of Upstate New York, this huge lake stretches over 13,000 acres with breathtaking scenery to enjoy while waiting for the fish to bite. 

You can fish at this lake all year around, and it offers over 40 miles of shoreline for bank fishing. The natural habitat is extremely fertile, providing a healthy aquatic environment for a wide range of fish species. You can expect to haul in a muskellunge, panfish, walleye, perch, or muskies. 

Boat launching ramps are placed in various spots around the lake, and the angler-friendly community will ensure you never run out of fishing supplies. Camping sites located along the banks of the lake make it easy for you to cast your rod when you’re not on the waters. 

Chautauqua Lake is located in Chautauqua County, with the City of Jamestown located at its southern end and the Village of Mayville on the northern tip. Other activities include boat cruises, hiking in the beautiful Chautauqua Gorge State Forest, and sailing.

Final Thoughts

While these top three fishing locations should be on every angler’s list of places to go to, Upstate New York offers many other excellent spots to make your catch. How about exploring Conesus Lake, which is a great location for ice fishing? 

Other exciting angling destinations in this region not to be missed include Honeoye Lake for its wide variety of fish species and Lake Erie for boat fishing. One thing you can be sure of when visiting Upstate New York as an angler – you’ll always be welcomed by like-minded fishermen!

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