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LETTER: Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Candidate Frank Schmitter says he’s ready to hit the ground running if elected

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Editor’s Note: The following is a letter to the editor submitted by Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Candidate Frank Schmitter. If you’d like to submit a letter to the editor or op-ed please send it to [email protected].

My name is Frank Schmitter, and I am running for Seneca Falls Town Supervisor because this town needs a different direction, a positive one. I am ready to hit the ground running, roll up my sleeves and get things done for the residents of Seneca Falls starting on Day One.

When I amout and about knocking on doors, most people have questions with respect to the Cayuga Nation. My take on it is simple, we must work with them, not avoid them. We mustget to a pathway of paid services on their end with a clear understanding of what is expected. I plan to work on a relationshipthat mutually benefits the taxpayers and the Cayuga Nationas a whole, the pathway forward must be together.

Taxes have gone up in the last 2 years despite the use of landfill revenue being put back into the operating budget. I still am at a loss as to why the Town Supervisor pushed through and negotiated an MOU with the landfill. Even with the proposed increase in payments, should they even occur, it isn’t enough and doesn’t equate to their fair share. Plain and Simple, they should be paying much more while also actually being held accountable for odor and nuisance issues.

I believe in recognizing the issues facing the town and moving forward in a planned and decisive manner to address each issue. Maintaining the status quois no longer a viable option for the taxpayer.

In a community such as Seneca Falls, unity is necessary to enhancethe quality of life for everyone. Division, political name-calling, and thelike… are a detriment to everyone’s wellbeing, and enjoyment

of life. I am honored to have been successful in the GOP Republican primary and the Democratic Caucus. This unity goes beyond political party and reflects my goal of hoping to be a representative for all citizens.

During my careeras a NYS Trooper, I treated everyone with respect. It isalways my desire to be fair. If I am successful in being elected as town supervisor, I intend to treat everyone respectfully and fairly throughout my tenure.

Lastly, if you’re tired of the doublespeak, I ask for the opportunity to speak clearly and directly about the issues. I am convinced that an honest assessment of the current spending practices will result in cutting the excess and unnessicary expenses. This approach will lower taxes, enhance the working environment of townemployeesand have an overall and lasting positive impact on town government as a whole. I am Frank Schmitter and I am asking for your vote on November 7th. Help me take Seneca Falls into abright future.

Frank Schmitter