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Former Bombardier plant in Auburn is officially for sale

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Over 17 years after its closure, the former Bombardier production facility, a 15-acre property in Auburn’s west end, is on the market.

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The commercial real estate firm, Pyramid Brokerage Co., has taken significant steps to sell the property, with no set list price.

Paul Mackey of Pyramid Brokerage told The Citizen that the property has remained a nonperforming asset since its shutdown.

Interested buyers are allowed a site walkthrough and are expected to sign a non-disclosure agreement for detailed property information before submitting any offers to Alstom, the current owner.

Alstom, a global player in rail infrastructure, took over the property as part of its acquisition of Bombardier Transportation in 2021. The Auburn site, valued at $1.2 million, boasts four structures, with the largest spanning over 144,000 square feet.